Turning Points: A World of Women, A Wealth of Perspectives

Today I have a guest post from, Linda A. Janssen, a dear friend, fellow writer and now published co-author. She has stopped by on her virtual book tour to talk about Turning Points - a book she contributed to that is already nr.1 on Amazon’s Books Bestsellers List for the Women & Business category, just days after being launched!


 A World of Women, A Wealth of Perspectives

by Linda A. Janssen

 I am so excited to be here today at Expatcalidocious. Not only is this a wonderful blog that celebrates the art of the tale (it is and it does), but it is also written by a dear friend and wickedly terrific writer. Since so much of what we bloggers do takes place in cyberspace, it is a real blessing to have a true ‘flesh and blood’ friend and fellow writer to confide in, share with, learn from. I am lucky indeed.

The book I contributed to, Turning Points: 25 Inspiring Stories From Women Entrepreneurs Who Have Turned Their Careers and Their Lives Around (Kate Cobb, a women’s business and executive coach is the editor and the publisher is Jo Parfitt www.joparfitt.com of Summertime Publishing), launched earlier this week.

Each woman describes her background and life situation, shares the pivotal moment or series of events that drove her to implement significant change(s), and provides a glimpse into precisely how she did so complete with helpful resources and lessons learned along the way.

I still can’t get over the reception it has received, pushing all the way to #1 on Amazon’s bestsellers’ list for books in the Women & Business category, and almost as high in the Entrepreneurship and Self-Help/Success categories. I continue to hover between amazing appreciation and disbelief. Then I put the dishes away, take the dog for a walk, throw in a load of laundry and sit back down at my laptop to work on my latest piece.

Expatcalidocious is a second generation expatriate who grew up traveling the world with her family and living in a number of different countries, then married a diplomat and continued to call various exotic ports of call her home. She has been to, seen and done more than many people do in an entire lifetime. Conversation with her is always witty, amusing, thoughtful and full of interesting insights.

The authors who contributed their stories to Turning Points remind me of her. They may not all be expats, but they do come from all around the globe. They are women of all ages and stages and walks of life. They have experienced a plethora of challenges, and dealt with them as best they could. Some have crashed and burned, only to rise in true phoenix style from the ashes of defeat. Others have learned to make peace, let go, make changes or move on. In short, they represent the world of women.

It is precisely from this wide array of varying situations and challenges that comes the true wealth of knowledge, insight, understanding and perspectives. Readers may see themselves and their lives mirrored in the story of a particular woman, or reflected in the broader collection as a whole. Either way, I hope they’ll feel as fortunate as I do when I think of how enriched my life is by the presence of my friend Expatcalidocious.

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If you’d like to find out more about our book, please take a look at the website         www.theturningpointsbook.com, or follow along on Facebook’s The Turning Points Book page or on Twitter @Turning_Points. A portion of all sales will benefit www.seedsfordevelopment.org.

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  1. Sarah Koblow says:

    The greatest blessing of our international mobile life is the continual new opportunities to meet fab women with fab stories in new places and great to see older friends flourishing. Continue climbing every mountain together girls, miss you and well done!!

  2. Hello, I enjoy reading all of your article. I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

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